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Commute Ontario

The Town of Orangeville has partnered with Commute Ontario to help workplaces and campuses alleviate commuting challenges

COVID-19 Update:

In light of safety precautions and social distancing recommendations, SustainMobility recommends that employees suspend all carpooling activity effective immediately. Carpooling activity may resume at such a time as deemed appropriate by the Ontario Public Health authorities.  SustainMobility will also be temporarily suspending its Carpool Ontario website and monthly Rewards Program until further notice.


Commute Ontario provides organizations with proven resources to help engage and reward staff and students for choosing active and sustainable modes of travel.  When organizations register with Commute Ontario, they receive free access to user-friendly programs and tools that help to promote healthy, sustainable and fun commuting options.

Registered organizations have access to:
Carpool Ontario:  This ride-matching tool helps users find fellow commuters to carpool with using a state-of-the-art online portal. Carpool searches can be limited to just the organization or open to the community.

Active Switch: This online program encourages individuals to commute using person-powered transportation. Users can set goals and track their activities including walking, cycling, and more. Tracking is flexible and can be entered in steps, distance or time. By logging activity, users can be automatically entered into a monthly prize draw.

Emergency Ride Home (ERH):  ERH acts like a commuter insurance program and ensures that users never have to worry about being stranded at work without a ride home. Commuters at participating organizations can be reimbursed for transportation used during unplanned events and emergencies, up to a maximum of $75 per ride.

A customized online platform:  Every registered organization is set up with its own free, online information portal with customized administrative access. This portal is accessed through and acts as the organization’s one-stop-shop for all of Commute Ontario’s programs and resources.

Campaigns, Incentives and Support: Commute Ontario provides everything an organization needs to help engage its employees and students including professional, customized communication tools.  Monthly incentives reward users and various campaigns highlight the program’s benefits throughout the year.

Sustainable commuting is an impactful way for individuals to reduce their environmental footprint and save money. There are also many benefits for organizations who support a workplace/campus commuter program.  By encouraging their employees and students to be more active, healthy, and engaged, organizations may experience increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.  Improving travel options to a workplace or campus may also help to recruit and retain top candidates.

Commute Ontario is a program developed by SustainMobility, – a non-profit organization. In 2018, SustainMobility was awarded a three-year Grow grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, making it possible for Commute Ontario to offer its proven programming, free-of-charge, province-wide.

“Commute Ontario is really taking off on a province-wide scale,” said Glenn Gumulka, Executive Director of SustainMobility. “We hear feedback all the time that people are interested in carpooling but need the right tools and resources to find a suitable carpool partner, or they think about trying walking or cycling to work but need a little extra motivation. Commute Ontario provides proven tools and resources to help meet these needs. We’re thrilled to have the Town of Orangeville onboard!”

The registration process for organizations is simple and fully supported by the team at Commute Ontario. Learn more about the program and its benefits here.  If your organization is interested in registering for Commute Ontario, please contact [email protected] or visit

Commute Ontario benefits for employers