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Other Locally Available Programs and Incentives

A number of programs and incentives are offered at the local level through various community-based organizations: Online Job Portal is a free online job portal that compiles postings from federal, provincial and local job boards and publishes them all in one place. The job postings are showcased in both list formation, as well as through a mapping tool, so job seekers are able to view available positions by location.

Job seekers are able to explore potential career options through the “Career Explorer” option, which outlines the skills, education as well as the median salary for local postings.

The mapping tool hosts an abundance of information including childcare facilities, schools, bike paths, transit routes, and other important information when choosing a job.

Census information is also available for individuals seeking more information when potentially looking to relocate.

The tool is available thanks to a partnership between the County of Dufferin, the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin, the City of Guelph, the Region of Waterloo and, Wellington County.

Centre for Career and Employment Services

The Centre for Career and Employment Services is an Employment Resource Centre that provides one-to-one employment counselling, workshops and seminars.  The Centre for Career and Employment Services is committed to assisting individuals of all ages within Dufferin County with the services and resources required to find employment, make a career change or enter re-training.

The Centre offers a number of free services to local employers and works with Employment Ontario Employment Services to deliver a variety of programs designed to assist employers. Business owners who wish to find out more about these services and how to access them, should visit The Centre for Career and Employment Services website here or review their Employer Services.  Additional information on programs for employers can also be found by visiting Employment Ontario.

Locally, the Centre for Career and Employment Services also delivers the Second Career Program on behalf of Employment Ontario Employment Services.  The Second Career strategy will fund training and education programs to assist qualified individuals to improve and learn new skills with the expectation of increasing their skill levels to compete in today’s competitive job market.  For individuals in Orangeville and its surrounding communities, access to the Second Career Strategy starts by visiting or calling the Centre for Career and Employment Services (51 Town Line, Orangeville or 519-942-9986 Ext. 5641) to assess eligibility for the program.  Visit the Second Career website for more detailed information.

The Centre for Business and Economic Development

The Centre For Business and Economic Development is a Community Futures Development Corporation that offers loans to businesses which don’t qualify through traditional lending institutions.  These loans provide flexible financing with repayment terms designed for maximum advantage.  The Centre’s mandate is to help develop and diversify the local economy and to be a one-stop business resource for new and expanding businesses.  To be eligible for financing, potential clients must complete a business plan and loan application. The Orangeville & Area Small Business Enterprise Centre can assist you with these documents. Decisions regarding loan approvals are made by submitting a completed application package to the Centre for Business and Economic Development which is then reviewed and evaluated by members of a volunteer board of directors. For more information on how you can apply, visit the Centre for Business website.

Orangeville Hydro – Save on Energy Program

Orangeville Hydro offers a number of business and industrial incentive programs geared towards helping business owners increase the efficiency of business operations. There are incentives available for: energy audits, energy-efficient lighting, equipment upgrades, energy-efficient new construction and major renovations, building commissioning, industrial upgrades and demand response. For a full listing of programs and incentives available please visit:

View an additional listing of programs and incentives here:

Municipal Programs and Incentives

Provincial and Federal Programs and Incentives