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Provincial and Federal Programs and Incentives

Below is a list of frequently requested programs available to support business from the provincial and federal levels of government. These programs include information, incentives, resources and services available in the following areas:

Advice and Consultation

Programs that provide advisory and consultation services on a variety of specific business related topics.

Cultural Development

Financial assistance and incentives for businesses that support cultural development.

Education and Training

Programs and incentives for businesses that provide education and training opportunities for employees, students and more.

Energy Incentives

Financial assistance and incentives for businesses that support energy efficiency, including the increased use of renewable energy, energy retrofits and energy efficient construction projects.


A variety of programs, services, and supports available to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business in Ontario.


A number of programs and services exist to provide assistance to export-related businesses.


Programs available to provide business-related financing, including programs targeted to youth or for special purposes.

Hiring Incentives and Tax Credits in Ontario

Funding opportunities and incentives available for employers looking to hire employees.

Human Resources and Training

Programs, services and incentives regarding hiring and training staff.

Research and Development

Financial assistance and advisory services are available to businesses involved in research and development, including innovation and research projects.

Tax Credits

Tax exemptions and credits available to businesses in a variety of industries.


Programs, incentives and opportunities available for youth interested in starting a business or businesses that provide career opportunities or training for youth.

View an additional listing of programs and incentives here:

Ontario Business Program Guide

Additional information can be found through the Ontario Business Program Guide, the Ontario Government’s free online directory of tax incentives, tax credits and government support programs for business.

Southwestern Ontario Development Fund

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund is now receiving applications from companies that are driving innovation, growing Ontario’s economy and creating local jobs.

Municipal Programs and Incentives

Find out about incentives and programs available through the Town of Orangeville to encourage new development, building improvements and to create a welcoming environment.

Other Locally Available Programs and Incentives

Other local programs and incentives that exist to stimulate employment opportunities and to support businesses start and grow are available here.